Kinsey Reporter App

The Kinsey Institute has a smartphone app, Kinsey Reporter, that allows you to report data on a wide range of sexual events, which are then anonymously aggregated for anyone to explore and analyze on … Read More »

Watch Out For Falling Cocks!

There is nothing more mesmerizing than shiny, bouncy CGI dongs and here is the video to prove it. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this video on repeat … Read More »

Cabaret Desire

We are thrilled to be carrying Cabaret Desire, the latest film from Erika Lust! Her latest film does not fall even a hair short of the creative erotic storytelling and sumptuous visuals we … Read More »


I've always been a big fan of any group or project that humanizes sex work or raises awareness about neglected communities in general. Occasionally, I even have the privilege of knowing some of the … Read More »

Sextoy Sitcom

If you ever wondered what would happen if the Cosbys were dildos (haven't we all?) treat yourself to a peek at The Dildos, a sex toy sitcom. Jam packed with more sex toy puns than you can shake one of … Read More »