DIY Vibrator Kit

Never mind Star Wars and fantasy creature themed dildos; we have found the ultimate nerdy sex toy. For makers, model plane enthusiasts, and open-minded dads: the Hyper Dash Roto. From the same company … Read More »

Happy Ride

We already know that women sometimes experience orgasms during exercise, and if you've seen Philip Mond's Insexts, then you know someone out there has already elongated bicycle seats to create a … Read More »

Sensationalized Sex Headlines

You know that thing about how rising ice cream sales are linked to more frequent shark attacks? Correlation does not mean causation, right? People love jumping to ridiculous conclusions about data … Read More »

Haiku Winners!

Last month we held our annual(ish) Masturbation Haiku contest and got some great entries. Then I decided to move the shop and got real behind on everything! So it is a bit late but now you have it.. … Read More »

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

We have officially found the best Tumblr in the world (this week, maybe this month), and it is Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn (NSFW).  As one commenter wrote, it encompasses 99% of why people use … Read More »