Wisp Wearables

Orgasms are wonderful, empowering, and great for our bodies and minds. However, an orgasm-focused model of sexuality is incredibly limiting, and to those of us who have more difficulty reaching … Read More »

Drone Porn Happened

Brooklyn based Ghost+Cow Films has released the first porn film shot entirely with drones, Drone Boning. Perhaps a statement on privacy and surveillance; certainly an epic, sweeping glimpse of Earth's … Read More »

CineKink Hits Chicago!

  CineKink – “the kinky film festival” – hits Chicago for a red-hot rendezvous! Celebrating and exploring a wide diversity of sexuality, the films and videos in this sex-positive and … Read More »

Andersonville City Made Fest

Yet another reason to visit us today and tomorrow! Andersonville welcomes local businesses, brewers and artists from across Chicago to participate in our second-annual City Made Fest. The fest will … Read More »

The Latest in Penis Art

If you're in or near Kansas City, Missouri, mosey on over to the UMKC Gallery of Art for some awesome penis art! Holly Stewart, a former dildo factory molder, created a huge collection of phalluses: … Read More »

Herpes Comic

So we are clearly in deep crush with Erika Moen. What do we love about her most right now? This lovely little comic about Herpes that is informative, fun, and de-stigmatizing! Here's a little snippet, … Read More »

Dildo Generator

Check out this online design experiment by Ikaros Kappler, named the “Extrusion/Revolution Generator." The creative commons website invites you to design your own 3D dildo (or butt plug) by … Read More »