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Do you Ship Discreetly?
We ship in clear boxes, labeled GIANT TENTACLE DONG with return address SEX SHOP.

Just kidding! The boxes are actually just plain brown or white with return address “ETB”. Very boring, very discreet. Please know we value your privacy as much as you do!

Do you ship Internationally?
We sure do! With a few exceptions: The Magic Wand and Fleshlights cannot be shipped internationally. And we do not ship to the following countries because they are high risk for confiscation by customs:
Afghanistan, Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, China, Egypt, French Polynesia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Yemen.

Do you have everything in the store that you have online?
We ship everything from the store, so if we can ship it you can come here and find it. We try to keep the website updated when something is out of stock, and we usually get items back in stock within a couple days. 

Do you have an Affiliate Program?
Why yes we do! All the info you need is here and it is super easy to sign up!

What Vibrator should I get?
That’s like asking me what kind of cereal you should buy. Some questions to consider: Do you prefer soft material or hard plastic? Do you want something you can use just externally, internally as well as externally, or both at the same time? Do you want to be able to use it in the shower or bath? Are you allergic to latex? Will you be sharing the toy? Do you like low rumbles or a high pitched buzz? Do lots of speeds and patterns appeal to you or are you into streamlined and simple toys? How much power do you need? Will it bother you or your roommate if its on the louder side? Can you throw down $100 on a toy or does $8 sound more your speed?

Overwhelmed? That’s because everyone is different! If its your first vibe and you can’t answer any of those questions, start out with something cheap, with multiple speeds that you can use both internally and externally. Or grab one of our First Timer’s Kits

You can also read up more on the subject here, in our Guide to Picking out Your First Vibrator!

What is your best selling toy?
In the wacky world of sex toys, best seller does not always equate to best and what works for some may not work for you. That said, we sell a whole ton of lube, condoms, Silver Bullets, Magic Wands and Rabbit Habits

How can I make my penis bigger?
Believe it or not, this is the #1 most frequently asked question we get. And sorry to disappoint you, but there is really not much you can do to permanently make your penis bigger, no matter what someone else is trying to sell you. Believe us, we could be making big money if we just fudged the truth and said, THIS WILL MAKE YOUR PENIS HUGE! but we don’t lie, so instead we tell you the honest truth- you can’t.  We spell more of it out for you here.

Do you sell anal-eaze or throat numbing spray?
No! We believe that we have sex in order to experience sex, which means feeling it. Anal sex should not hurt (it should feel awesome!) and if it does you need to know so you can ask your partner to slow down and add some more lube (you really can’t have too much!). If you can’t feel what’s going on you can end up really damaging yourself- its delicate back there! (for more tips on safer anal sex, check here)

Similar thing for the throat-numbing spray. Why do you want to do something (like deep throat) if it doesn’t feel good to you? Does your partner really want you to numb yourself for their pleasure? Deep throating is pretty over-hyped anyway. For the same effect, wrap your hand around the base of his penis and use it like an extension of your mouth. If the idea of taking your that cock all the way down really turns you on, try practicing with a soft slightly curved dildo.

Do you sell stay hard-cream or pills?
No! They don’t do shit and we don’t believe in selling things that don’t work and are possibly harmful (the pills sold in sex shops are not FDA approved and some have been recalled). Try a good old fashioned cock ring to keep the blood in your boner or talk to your doctor. And hey, just for fun, why not check out our post on how to have Hot Sex Without a Hard On?

Why does it look like my toy has been opened?
Because it has been opened. If a toy take batteries, we test it to make sure it works before sending it to you. There is nothing worse than finding your new sex toy doesn’t work!

Why is there no box for my toy?
Some of our toys like silver bullets, packys, and power bullets don’t come in boxes. We get some things in bulk so we can pass on the savings to you. Other toys just come in absurdly large packaging (this is one of our biggest annoyances with sex toy manufacturers), so sometimes we free your new friend of its large ugly box and shrink wrap it for easier shipping, especially for international orders. Don’t worry- I promise your toy is brand spanking new (which is why do not accept returns!).

Do you carry spermicide?
Nope. Its great that you want to back up your condoms, but spermicide can irritate mucus membranes, making you more vulnerable to STDs. Try another back up method like the pill or an IUD.

Will carry this cool sex product I make?
Maybe! Check out our tips for getting us to carry your product here