Wisp Wearables

Orgasms are wonderful, empowering, and great for our bodies and minds. However, an orgasm-focused model of sexuality is incredibly limiting, and to those of us who have more difficulty reaching orgasm, it can be alienating to boot. That’s why this concept by Wan Tseng is so promising. According to Dezeen, Tseng’s line of Wisp wearables “focus on the pleasure of stimulation instead of orgasm.” Unlike many projects we’ve seen aimed at women that seek to be an alternative to mainstream sex toys, this one doesn’t stigmatize female sexuality or infantilize women; rather, it seeks to create a different sensory experience entirely.

The collection includes wearable body art that imitate a lover’s warm breath and sensations similar to touch anywhere on the body. Some of the items can also release perfume, play music, monitor arousal, or communicate with a partner. Tseng says, “It’s a new kind of concept. I think it’s not a toy, but more like a communication tool for yourself.”

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