Review: Minna Ola

A friend recently asked me: “You have so many vibrators! Do you rotate through them all or do you end up having one that you use all the time?” Although I definitely like to change it up and some toys work better for different situations, there is always one vibrator that becomes my go-to until it is lost or broken. For the past couple of years, that toy for me has been Minna Ola— and I dread the day it becomes lost or broken!

Ola is waterproof and USB rechargeable. It has a silky silicone surface, and its shape is great for either internal or external stimulation. What makes Ola most unique is Minna’s amazing user interface: the harder you squeeze the air-filled bladder, the harder Ola vibrates, and you can program in custom vibration patterns!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.37.39 PMHere’s what’s great about it:

-Vibration quality. You know how some toys are high-pitched and buzzy and others are low and rumbly? Ola sits on the more rumbly end of the spectrum, which makes for more deeply penetrating vibrations that don’t tickle or leave you numb. It also has a fantastic range from very gentle to pretty damn strong, and the unique user interface makes it a snap to go from one to the other and back again without even thinking about it!

-Intuitive controls. It vibrates as hard as you squeeze it in real time! No settings to click through or accidentaly hitting the wrong button when you’re alllmost there.

-Program it! Hit the second button, squeeze whatever pattern floats your boat, and release. Ola will continue cycling through your custom pattern without you doing a thing!

-Great with a partner. The shape is perfect for holding for external stimulation during partner sex. The intuitive controls make it easy for a partner to use on you.

-Its pretty quiet.

-Battery life. The rechargeable battery seriously lasts for a ridiculous amount of time. This is probably one of the main reasons its my go-to toy– its never dead when I want it. Each time you turn it on, it will also pulse one, two, or three times to let you know how much juice is left. No surprise cutting out!

-It comes with a manufacturer’s one year warranty. Mine’s lasted for at least three years so far and is still going strong!

You may not love Ola if:

-Your hands get tired. It does take a little extra work to hold the bladder to your desired strength if you’re not using the program mode. If you struggle with hand weakness, carpal tunnel, or similar, it might not be the best option for you.

-You like it soft. Even with the supple silicone surface, Minna Ola is a pretty hard toy. This makes it great for g-spot stimulation and strong vibrations, but it might feel too large internally for some or just generally too hard if you prefer a little squish.

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