One-Handed Condom Wrapper!

This condom opens with a snapping motion of one hand! It was designed by British designer Ben Pawle to help people with disabilities that prevent the use of both hands, but we think this would be fantastic for everyone!

The project concerns hemiplegia, a condition affecting one side of the body with semi-paralysis symptoms similar to that of a stroke, which makes simple daily tasks we take for granted surprisingly difficult. I chose to focus on how indignity manifests itself in these situations, trying to prevent these moments from occurring by providing a designed intervention. I looked at the challenges a hemiplegic faces over the course of their life with particular focus on the experience of growing up and the social anxieties that we feel experience.

Through research I managed to gain insight into the effects of hemiplegia on people’s lives. One of the most common effects is hand dystonia – involuntary contraction and twisting of muscles. This has very obvious physical effects, limiting function, dexterity, manipulation and numbing the senses in the affected side.