We (pretty much) Love Bubble Love!

A few months ago I saw some buzz about a new product called Bubble Love.. basically a jet that you can use in any bathtub for um..personal fulfillment. From the marketing I got though,  I was still confused about how it worked and IF it would work. I asked my friends in the industry if they tried it and no one had, but many said it looked interesting. So I finally decided I have to give a spin myself. And  I was pretty smitten. I’ll admit I know my way around  the jets of a hot tub and this, while not quite the same, did give me the same good feelings… and by good feelings I mean orgasms.

Here is how this doohicky works – Fill up the tub. Get yourself in. Suction the Bubble Love to bottom of the tub. Aim it at your bits and then let the bubbles do the work for you! It is really less complicated that I imagined and wow, my body really liked it. But I’ll admit, it is not prefect and may not be the toy for everyone.

So let me break it down for you:

What makes this awesome & unique

• Bubbles right where you want em

• Feels nothing like a vibrator (by which I mean this is a new sensation.. not that vibrators are bad in anyway. I LOVE THEM)

• Suction cup leaves your hands free for other fun

• You can use it to just make awesome bubbles in the bubble bath

• No one who sees it in your house will know what the heck it is

What is not so awesome

• The bubbles did not blow me away with their power (but did for sure do the job)

• It is big and those with small spaces may be challenged to store it

• At $179 it is not cheap (but for the price of 5.5 Lancome Mascaras or one nice power drill, it is kinda worth it)

• Big thighs + a smaller tub might make this hard to fit between one’s legs

• The suction cup doesn’t stick to all tubs

• It can take a while to get completely dry

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