Best Women’s Erotica 2014 is Here!

We’re psyched to be carrying the latest in the number one erotica series for women: Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2014. We couldn’t wait to take a peek inside; what we found is a collection of impeccably written hardcore stories with as much variety as any woman’s sexual imagination. In Violet Blue’s words, “once women uncork the possibilities of what they like in sexual fantasy and fetish erotica, they don’t stop at the first story that works for them. We keep going, and no, it doesn’t get old because we keep looking for more to turn us on and get us off— which is exactly what this series sets out to do.”

You’ll find encounters on busy trains, in sunny kitchens, luxe mansions, sex shops, and public restrooms; cake-sitting, threesomes, wanted ads, antique furniture, sushi, and straight razors; thrilling trysts with strangers and intimate new discoveries between long-term lovers; women who know exactly what they want whether that means taking control or losing it; heavy spankings, creative bondage, passionate kisses, brazen stares, light caresses, flirtatious banter, and plenty of f***ing.

Get lost in your own copy, available in store and online.