Pulse: A Revolutionary Vibrating Penis Toy

Vibrators aren’t just for clits! If you haven’t experienced the exquisite sensation of vibration on your dick, you probably want to give the new Pulse a try. The Pulse is especially designed to deliver powerful vibrations to your most sensitive spots and it can be used dry or wet, soft or hard, with or without a partner! Here’s what our tester had to say about this unique new toy:

It is very versatile as it can be used wet or dry, with a partner or solo and it can be used without an erection. For me, it’s my new favorite toy.

Since the Pulse can be used with or without lube, I first tried it dry I found that unit stayed in place so I was able to watch porn and stay at the height of arousal for any length of time. When using it dry and with a slight movement it rubs the frenulum and gently pulls the skin on the shaft creating a very pleasurable experience for me. Not to mention that the clean up was very easy.

When using it with lube the sensations are much more varied and The Pulse can create a wide array of sensations. It is very easy to hold on to even with lube everywhere.

I tested it with a partner, where I was lying on my back with The Pulse on my shaft and had my partner straddle me. She felt the vibrations and as able to enjoy the vibrator for as long as she wanted all the time I was hard and happy.

One nice feature is that you can use The Pulse without an erection. Since the unit wraps around the shaft, you don’t have to insert it like a traditional masturbation sleeve.

The crescendo to orgasm is different when I use a vibrating toy. A feeling I hope all penises get to experience.

The overall size is very small and the charger uses a simple USB power supply so it is very easy to chart and no bulky charging plugs.

-Jack C.

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