Happy Anal August!

It’s that magical time of year again, the glorious month of August, during which we celebrate the joys of anal pleasure! I would probably argue that we should celebrate anal- and all forms of- pleasure all year round, but the same would be said for everything else we dedicate special months and days to. This is a great time to begin or continue our anal explorations either alone or with a partner. Here are some great ways…

tantus-twist-plugEducate yourself: You can read our guide to butt sex here and our article about anal and prostate play for guys here. If you want to dig further, we carry several outstanding books on the topic as well. 

Arouse yourself: Enjoy some erotica or porn.

Lube up: We like thick water-based lubes like Maximus or Sliquid Sassy, or a silicone lube like Eros Pjur or Uberlube

Dive in: Get exploring with a gloved and lubed finger or two. Try out a plug, anal vibe, or prostate toy. Take it to the next level with a dildo in a hand or harness.

Have any questions about anal pleasure and health or how to pick the best lube or toy for you? Send us an email to info@early2bed.com or give us a call at 773-271-1219. Enjoy your Anal August!