Happy Ride

pin-up cyclistWe already know that women sometimes experience orgasms during exercise, and if you’ve seen Philip Mond’s Insexts, then you know someone out there has already elongated bicycle seats to create a (couture) fuck-able ride (you definitely want to rent it from us now, don’t you?). And now they’ve finally made a vibrating bicycle seat cover! I’ve daydreamed about such a contraption more than once during my six mile bike commute to the shop, and I’m glad to now know that I’m not the only one.

A UK based online sex shop is now selling the Happy Ride vibrating bike seat. Its a padded black nylon cover that fits over any seat with a hidden control panel. It even comes with batteries! I wouldn’t recommend this for riding around Chicago, where accidents happen frequently enough without cyclists in the throes of orgasm. But if you need a little extra motivation to get your exercise this might be a great investment for you… just make sure to wear your helmet.