Dental Dams!

So recently on the Today Show (talking about the Michael Douglas cancer/oral sex thing) Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda apparently did not know what a Dental Dam was and found it looked “dangerous” (see Tristan Taormino’s post about it here). And while Taormino and others are doing a great job of calling them out about how they should have known better, I realized that LOTS of people have no idea what a dam is or what it is used for so I have put together info below on safer sex using a dental dam.

Please share this with Gifford, Hoda, your kids, your friends, parents and anyone else you think does not know what a Dam is. Even if you are not going to be using them yourself it is important that we all know as much as we can about all the safer sex options out there. 


Very simply put, dental dams are to prevent the spread of diseases and infections via oral/anal/vulva/vaginal contact. Made of Latex or Non-Latex material, they are spread across the vulva or butt that you want to orally pleasure. This prevents you from making direct contact with the area, thereby helping stop the spread of STIDs/STIs. The government even has info on there here (although they only specifically mention HIV).

We often recommend using a bit of lube on the side that is going to be against the lickee and maybe a drop of flavored lube or honey on the side of the licker. This makes it more slippery for the lickee and more tasty for the licker (although many if not all commercially available dams are flavored slightly). You can even use a condom cut up the side if you are in a pinch (see a great diagram here). You can also use saran wrap for a dam, although many recommend not using microwavable wrap as it can be too porous. Also be sure the dam covers the whole area you are coming in contact with. Most of them can be stretched pretty taught. 

Still have questions? Let us know! 

Stay safe my friends, and stay informed!

xo, Searah



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