Reason #248 to Visit the Shop: Vintage Sex Manual Oddities

I somehow stumbled across this amusing little article titled 1950’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex Presents the Dali hellscape inside your crotch, which pokes fun at an old sex manual from 1950. I got about halfway through the witty commentary on this book’s bewildering illustrations before realizing that I had seen this before. Sure enough, a copy of this little gem of American sexuality history lives in the Early to Bed library alongside other classic books and vintage vibrators.

The author of that article had a TON of material to work with, but I’m a little surprised he didn’t include Figure 32, captioned “How constipation affects female sex apparatus.” In sticking to the pictures, he also missed out on some fantastic reading material. Check out this choice passage that I just randomly opened to: “The imago-man must always maintain his authority if his wife is to accept him as her sexual partner. If he is unable to do so, or if he goes so far as to reject, as a matter of conviction, the old-fashioned tyrannical attitude of husbands, and tries to regard his wife as his social and sexual equal, then his wife will inevitably become impotent in relation to himself.” Well, obviously! Who can get a lady boner when a dude just wants to treat you like a human all the time?

So stop on by, and enjoy this enlightening text and many more. (We also have contemporary sexy books.)