The ladybits… demystified! Don’t miss this workshop!

Tickle Your Own Fancy: Sexuality and Orgasm for Women!

May 7th at 7:30 pm


Female sexuality is still a great mystery to many of us, so in this workshop we’ll start at the beginning – female anatomy. We’ll dismiss myths you may have heard and talk about the nature of pleasure & orgasms. We will discuss masturbation and its benefits, giving you some great tips for feeling more comfortable in your body. We’ll also touch on some ways to make having sex even better for you and your partner(s) — including ways to communicate — and we’ll show you a few toys and gadgets that can make sex more fun for anyone. You’ll leave with a wealth of information that will help you enjoy your sexuality even more!

This workshop is for women only. As always, trans folk are welcome.

About Sara L. Manewith, MSW

When I bought my first copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves at age 14, I wanted to learn more about myself and my sexuality. Since then, I’ve been a devoted advocate of helping people have healthy satisfying sexual lives. For the past 25 years or so I have professionally designed, written, implemented and taught sex education programs in Chicago Public Schools, community centers, residential homes for teens and people’s living rooms.  I’ve trained camp counselors, physicians, and parents about communicating about sexuality, and I’ve been the “go-to gal” for many friends on matters of sex, pleasure and health.

I’m a social worker by training, a Chicagoan by birth and a performer by temperament.

Pre-registration is required. Sign up for this great class online here, or call us at 773-271-1219!