Review Products and Win!

Hi Folks,

So our spiffy new site has a review feature which we think will really helpfolks make informed decisions so we’d love to get some honest reviews up on our site. In order to sweeten the deal and help encourage you to take a minute or two to share your feelings about our products, we’ll be raffling off a $50 Gift Card and a $25 Gift Card  randomly to two people who submit reviews between now and April 15th.

Here is all you need to do:

• Go to and create an account (added bonus : you can also create a wishlist!)

• Submit a review for one or many products that you have tried before April 15th. No, they don’t have to be glowing, just honest.

• We’ll then randomly select a first & second place winner from all the folks who have submitted reviews!

That’s all you gotta do to get entered and win our hearts for helping us out!



(fine print: please submit as many reviews as you wish, but each reviewers name is only counted once. You must be 18 years old or over. No cash value. Early to Bed reserves the right to not publish reviews that are hateful or inappropriate)