Support the Sex Positive Photo Project

Way back in May 2011 I posted here about Shilo McCabe’s “I masturbate…” project for Masturbation May of that year. The photo project documented a wide variety of people masturbating along with those individuals’ writings about their personal relationships with masturbation. I still find myself returning to those images and words from time to time, so I think its fabulous that Shilo McCabe is now working on putting them, and more, together for an exhibit at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. Along with the exhibition, she will be publishing a limited edition monograph of the collection. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and powerfully depict a tremendous variety of bodies, sexualities, motivations, and methods.

The indiegogo campaign page is here. Go support this fantastic sex positive project and spread the word!

I Masturbate: Day 20

“I masturbate as an act of self-care. I often imagine scenarios of coercion, in which I’m either giving or receiving– I flip back and forth, a true switch…. I keep coming. I haven’t yet found the end of my body’s ability. I usually stop because I’m overwhelmed, I’ve run out of time, or I’m too sore to continue.”      – Leland Carina