Jimmy Jane Form 2 Review

I couldn’t wait to get my paws (and other bits) on this powerful little number from renowned toy company, JimmyJane, in collaboration with the innovative designer, Yves Behar. I’m pleased to report that this perky little vibe did not disappoint.

The first thing I love about the Form 2 is the way it charges. It sits upright in a charging base, where it can be stored without over-charging. Because it charges through contact points, the Form 2 is fully water-proof with no openings for water to seep in.  When you lift it from charging, the buttons blink to indicate how well charged the toy is. I fully appreciate this feature because it prevents me from being severely disappointed by a partially charged toy shorting out when I am *almost* there. The charge also last for a really long time. I haven’t tested to see if it runs for the professed seven hours, but I’ve been using only this vibrator for the few weeks that I’ve had it without needing to re-juice it.

And then of course, there is the nifty shape. The Form 2 is just the length of my palm, with slightly flexible prongs or “bunny ears” with dual motors. You can use this shape in any number of orientations, my favorite being with the entire toy against my body, the base at my mons and the ears extending on either side of my clit. I like to use all the surface area I can get, but you can also position it so just the tips of the ears are against your body. The Form 2’s tagline is “sensation in stereo,” which is definitely what you get from the dual motors.

You also get a surprising amount of intensity. This thing really packs a wallop. I can easily get off on just the second speed out of five. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a lightweight, but even serious power fiends shouldn’t be disappointed here… Oh and the pulsation patterns! I’ve never been a fan of patterns. I have several vibrators that have them, but I usually just find them to be annoying. The only time they ever appeal to me is when the vibration moves between two motors, like in the Lelo Ina. I honestly can’t tell if the patterns here are moving between the two ears because my clit just gets way too confused (in a good way). I think the important thing is that unlike most vibrators with patterns, the Form 2’s patterns (except for one) give you constant sensation. There is no frustrating pause in stimulation here, just crazy vibratory awesomeness.

If you’re the sort of person who reads sex toy reviews into the fifth paragraph, you might remember reading about a certain glitch in the way the Form 2 motor was designed.  As far as I can tell, this problem has indeed been fixed. Glitch-free motors! *

My only reservations: First, the Form 2 is quiet, but not super stealthy quiet like some of my Fun Factory and Lelo vibes are. Second, if any toy is worth $145, this is very well it, but “pleasure to the people” should not be the tagline of the company that makes it.

You can purchase the Form 2 in our shop or our online store.

*Editor’s  note: We have no official confirmation from JimmyJane on the glitch being fixed. That has just been our experience so far. We’re looking into it…