Cabaret Desire

We are thrilled to be carrying Cabaret Desire, the latest film from Erika Lust! Her latest film does not fall even a hair short of the creative erotic storytelling and sumptuous visuals we expect. Cabaret Desire is set in a “poetrybrothel” in Barcelona where patrons exchange poker chips for one-on-one poetry readings in an intimate and sensuous environment alongside other forms of live cabaret-style entertainment. The poems flow into each of the four featured erotic stories. These stories are not the tired out predictable porno fantasies; they are quirky, engaging, emotional, and ring true to life. The performers are strikingly gorgeous in that just-off-center-of-typical-beauty-ideals way, are pretty good at acting, and seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. The DVD also comes with a few extras including a “making of” montage, a short documentary about poetry brothels, the ultra-sexy short film “Handcuffs” (also an extra on Life Love Lust), and a new short about a MMF threesome in a fantasy hotel.

Here are some things you can expect to see in Cabaret Desire: male pole dancers, a voyeuristic cat, non-monogamy management, passionate kissing, one curvier woman, tattoos, condoms, strap-on sex, blindfolds, cunnilingus, beautiful clothes and settings, very very few cum shots, one dreamboat calvin klein model type, adorable post-sex cuddles, these boots, pubic hair, awesome 30th birthday surprises, a bicycle and a motorcycle, conception, lots of smiles, a woman giving a very dominant blow job, and real female orgasms.