Meet Our Affiliates: Elspeth Demina

Elspeth Demina‘s blog is chock-a-block full of toy reviews, adventures, and deep thoughts on sexuality and kink. Elspeth is also obsessed with bats, so we sent her a couple BadBat vibrating cockrings to try out. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

The Bad Bat and Devil Bat (devil bat being the same, just in red) cockrings by Shots Toys are 100% silicone toys, save for the (removable) vibe in the bat head. I flamed one just to be sure, and yep- these are indeed silicone and not some weird silicone blend. Huzzah! They’re semi-stretchy, so they do have a bit of a range of size to them, and can be used as a penis ring (in front of the testicles) or a proper cockring (behind the testicles), depending on how you like to wear your ring, and your penis size. It’s a fairly narrow ring as well, similar to the o-rings used in traditional strap-on harnesses, rather than the broader style of many other rings. This makes the sensation of constriction more intense in many cases, I have found. Putting the bats onto a penis can be a bit tricky, what with the wings and tail and head. They like to get a bit twisted up, even if you use the wings as handles to stretch the ring. Definitely takes a bit of fidgeting with to get it on aligned properly, and with no twists.

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