Yo Bro… this sleeve is for you!

So as you know, we are very committed to trying to find items that work for all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies and one thing we had searched for for a long time was a masturbation sleeve that was of a size that would work well for trans men.  We eventually found the Bro Sleeve which is the smallest masturbation sleeve anywhere (at least that I could find). We know guys have been liking it but we were pretty stoked that our reviewer Smokebelly LOVED it! Read what he has to say below and grab one here or in our shop!

The Bro Sleeve is the first masturbation sleeve I’ve tried and I liked it! I’m a trans* guy who doesn’t plan on having any type of bottom surgery but have had substantial cock growth from T shots. The Bro Sleeve was the perfect fit for me. I liked the “nubs” on the inside of the sleeve…they provided a sensation that definitely increased my build up to cumming. I found that if I used one hand to move the sleeve and the other hand to cover the top hole, I created a suction type sensation very similar to a blow job…for me, this took the cake!! I love blow jobs and with a small amount of lube, the Bro Sleeve simulated a BJ extremely well! I would certainly recommend this to other trans* guys (pre-op and non-op) as well as cis-guys. My only concern is the smell of the sleeve. It isn’t a bad smell, just a strange smell. And after having the Bro Sleeve for about one and a half months, the smell is still just as strong as when I first received it. It does attract lint so I store mine in a ziplock bag for the time being. Overall, I really enjoy the Bro Sleeve. It is something I use regularly now!

So what are YOU looking for. Drop me a line and let me know!

(ps.. we’d recommend a non-plastic bag or keeping the bag open at the top for storage.)