Review: The Jack Strap

Check out what one of our reviewers has to say about this unique new jerk-off toy…

Initially this toy looks odd. It’s form is pretty basic, but upon use, we discovered it’s simple because it works so well! The smaller loop goes around your balls. The toy is made of silicone rubber so it stretches easily, however it can take some effort to get your balls in it and hold it open without squishing your balls. This is just a “practice makes perfect” skill you’ll pick up. The larger loop goesaround your middle two fingers. It’s designed so when you jack off your cock, it will move y

our balls slightly. The packaging says “massage” but that’s not quite what is happening. It’s more like a nice movement as if you were fondling them yourself or when you’re balls move when in missionary or doggie style and you almost get that slapping motion – it feels incredible! The strap may look like its clumsy, but the design is great and I don’t think he’ll be jacking off without it ever again! When using this toy, be sure to use a water based lubricant since you shouldn’t mix a silicone toy with silicone lube.


The main drawback we see is that this toy will not tug sufficiently on the scrotums of folks with shorter dicks because of the length between the two loops. Sound like something you might enjoy? Check out the Jack Strap here, or just stop by the shop and check it out for yourself.