Celebrate Anal August!

That’s right, somewhere along the line August was declared a month to be dedicated to the celebration of anal pleasure. Check out our beginners guide to butt sex and guide for prostate play to get yourselves going. Below are some of our favorite butt toys for beginners through advanced players…

The most essential toy for anal play is lube! The best lubes for anal play are thick water-based ones that stay where you put them and long-lasting super slick silicone ones. Try Maximus, Slippery Stuff, Uberlube, or Pjur. And remember there’s no such thing as too much lube here! Lube shooters are also great for getting lube right where you want it.

Condoms, gloves, dams, and finger cots are also a must for anal play. They protect ultra-sensitive rectal tissue from tears and STIs, help lube go a longer way, protect from the spread of bacteria to places they don’t belong, and make clean up a cinch. The FC2 is also perfect for anal sex- just remove the inner ring!

We’ve been selling Buddy since day one and its still one of our favorite toys for beginners. The gently tapered shape makes it super easy to insert and the soft Vixen silicone is comfy to wear.

Mood plugs are a new favorite. The classic shape means this plug stays put, and the narrow base means it won’t chafe your cheeks. It also comes in three sizes so you can start small and work your way up.

NJoy stainless steel plugs are captivating to look at and handle, and they feel divine. The extra smooth surface makes for easy insertion, their weight feels amazing against P and G spots, and the handle makes them easy to maneuver and remove, while fitting comfortably between your cheeks. With a bit of silicone lube, these are perfect for extended wear.

Aneros prostate stimulators are the cream of the prostate toy crop. Medically researched and designed to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum, these bad boys lead to mind blowing hands-free orgasms for the prostate-equipped set.

One of our absolute favorite dildos for anal penetration is Mistress. Her narrow shape makes for comfortable, yet satisfying thrusting and Vixen’s flexible yet firm silicone makes this easy to control in a harness.

Vibrators aren’t only for vulvas- treat your backside to some scintillating vibrations with Bottoms Up. The plug is shaped with prostate (or G spot) stimulation in mind, its handle is easy to manipulate and provides perineum stimulation, and the firm silicone transmits strong vibrations. The removable 7 function bullet vibe makes this toy extra versatile and can be replaced or used on other body parts.

August beach reads might include an anthology of anal erotica and what many consider the butt sex bible. Now stock up on lube and get celebrating!