Meet Our Affiliates: The Well-Rounded Toybox

The Well-Rounded Toybox is a toy review blog by Unrepentant, a self-described queer, kinky, fatty. She gives her straightforward and honest thoughts about a wide range of sex toys with safety and pleasure in mind. The Well-Rounded Toybox also has a tumbler packed with all sorts of sexy goodness and pervy tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Recently, Unrepentant wrote a review of Mistress. Here’s peek…

The Mistress by Vixen Creations is one of the long-time staples of my toybox; it’s this dildo that was my first foray into the world of silicone sex toys.  You could say the Mistress started me on the road to being the sex toy gourmand I am today.  : D

Perfect as a first dildo or for anal play/pegging, or if you’re just looking for an insertable that’s more the size of an average cock, the Mistress is one of the thinner silicone dildos out there.  It’s also very smooth, with a slight curve and just enough of a bulge at the head to stimulate the g-spot or prostate.

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