What Does Wearing a Cockring feel like?

As I mentioned before, lots of women have questions about how wearing a cockring feels (I am sure lots of men have the same question, they just are not the ones asking us) so our helpful community members provided us with some answers. (The highlighted bits are my doing)

RH Says:So far I’ve only tried the ones made from silicone. The best way I could describe how they feel is to imagine the sphincter muscle gripping a finger or two. To me it sort of feels like I’m having anal sex. I’d be interested in trying a steel ring but, knowing my luck, the night would end with a trip to the emergency room to get the ring removed. :)”

MN says: Black rubber gasket style – feels good, visually pleasing, creates the illusion of greater girth, excellent for staying power. After 20-30 minutes though, it can start to ache and chafe, and ya know, the only way to get it off is to finish what you’re doing, so to speak.”

UG says:it feels tight, but not in a bad way. the sensation is definitely different…not necessarily better, just different. i tend not to use the vibrating ones, as their vibrations don’t come close to adequate (think hitachi). it’s like getting a hug from your favorite person, but on your cock.

BB says: ” How it feels to wear a cock ring depends a good deal on what your goal is.  Wearing a ring with a vibrator around your cock shaft only to please your lady’s tingly bits creates a much different experience than a tight ring around your cock and balls meant to crank your blue steel up to eleven.  The former feels like a tight condom; rather humdrum.  I’m yet to find a vibrating cock ring that does what I want (namely function as a cock ring and make my lady friend cum buckets and wake the neighbors).  Consider also that using a vibrating cock ring including the balls through the ring will change the angle, not usually in a ‘clit-friendly’ way in my experience.

So the other experience. A good cock ring around your cock and balls will turn your respectable hard-on into a goddamn war hammer. It should be tight enough to restrict blood drainage, thereby increasing your erection, but never to the point of being painful.  Also pushing your balls out to follow up the charge adds more sensation and pleasure for everyone involved.  It will also delay orgasm, but I rarely keep one on until I’m ready to nut.  I prefer a heavy silicone ring, but a variety will get the job done just as well.  Pulled hair can be a pain with some if things aren’t wet enough.  Beware of any stretchable bead cock rings, as when they aren’t stretched will absolutely include the skin of your taint.  Learn from my mistake on that one.

I must defer to the more hardcore to comment on steel cock rings.  If one of those bad boys gets on and causes too much blood engorgement, you’ll be praying to the god of detumescence.   Unfortunately that god looks like a larger gauge needle than you want in your cock.  Apparently my deviance goes only so far.

JN says:While I suppose C-rings have all sorts of practical applications (ED aid, stamina helper, pleasure enhancer, &c.) for me the main draw of wearing one is feeling like a motherfucking champion.

There are three main positions/uses: around the base of the shaft only, around the scrotum only, and around the base of both (the largest diameter of the three).  This is just my personal preference, but having a ring around the base of both is the best if you only have one to use.  The mechanics behind this preference are pretty simple, but make a world of difference (bio-dick pleasurers, take note): sensation and even orgasm itself are better the further a man’s testicles are from his body.

Your balls have a way of wandering wherever the hell they want, based on ambient temperature, degree of arousal, whether Venus is in transit through Pisces, whatever.  And some men are sac-ier than others (sidenote: do women notice this? Always been curious.).  Often your balls will straight-up retreat into your body.  This doesn’t ruin things, but it definitely feels better when your balls are not only outside of your body, but being held outside by a Newton of force or two. Bio-dick pleasurers, feel free to make your own C-ring with your thumb and forefinger and (GENTLY!) pull your partner’s scrotum away from his body while you’re doing your thing. He will like it, I promise.

Having a ring around both bases is great for this because it keeps your balls out in the fray, constricts just enough blood to keep you hard a little longer, but most importantly of all it keeps your whole rig pronounced and out in the open, like a goddamn badass.  I like when my partners oooh and aaah at my whole situation just waggling around.  Sorry I can’t put that into words better, it’s a pretty subjective experience.  That’s fucking awesome.

I’m sad because I don’t own one at the moment; they’re so easy to lose (think hair ties).  I will say that the leather strap-and-snaps are the best of what I’ve used.  The adjustability and ease of removal are comforting, considering all the C-ring horror stories.  Also, being a band, they’re wider, and thus keep your package further away from you.  The stiff rubber kind are ok; I’ve always been curious about the heftier silicone rings.  The bolo tie rubber loops are effective, but frankly aren’t as cool.  I’ve never used metal ones because I don’t want to risk it; if they made a snag-proof clasping one, though, I would buy it in a heart beat.