Review: Brunch Bunch Dvd

Brunch Bunch

By Dee

From the creators of T-wood Studios, Dolores Park Studios releases its first queer porn production, Brunch Bunch. The “brunch” features a diverse cast of queer performers: two cisgender women (one butch and the other femme), six trans males, one trans woman and one genderqueer. The first scene grabs your attention right away. Syd Blakovich and Javier skip food and get right to business. Before you know what hit you, Syd is straddling a huge dildo while Javier is slapping and beating her chest. This couple is very into impact play and it goes so well with the movements of their beautifully tattooed bodies. Syd gets attention to all her parts. Javier casually enters from behind while she continues to straddle the huge cock, partnered with her own clitoral stimulation from the front. Needless to say, it ends up with quite a bang. The favor is returned to Javier, with Syd going to town on his trans cock, and ends up strapping it on to penetrate him. The whole scene gives me shudders!

Next we see back in the main living room a nice round of group sex about to take place between four trans male performers. James Darling is a favorite of mine in the queer porn world, and he does not upset (again!). The scene is so wonderfully gay, particularly with one performer’s sequin disco shorts and sailor hat. There’s lots of penetration via hand and strap-on cock. And may I say, it is so affirming and hot to see transmasculine folks being penetrated and the penetrators. Great orgasms from a hot, hot cast.

Next we see trans male performer Dorian Darkalley and a hot femme walk in with hilariously surprised faces, only to slip into a room for themselves. Impact play seems to be a common thread in the film, with spanking, slapping, and, in this scene, a paddle! The scene offers a wonderful combo of strap-on, penetration, and hot girl moaning. Yum!

Latecomer Drew Deveaux gets her own special treatment with Vid Tuesday. Drew jumps his bones and gets right to work on his ass. The scene progresses with Drew dominating him and penetrating him from behind via strap-on. Drew works his front underneath him as he gets some grade-A prostate stimulation. It finishes with manual stimulation on Drew’s cunt. The whole scene puts a refreshingly queer look at trans women on male-assigned body porn.

The only shred of criticism I maintain is the constant snap of photographs in the background. While most doesn’t take you completely out of the moment, it does give light distraction from time to time. That said, for a low budget porn, this does not compromise the lean quality, use of natural light, and excellent cast.

I watched Brunch Bunch with my sweetie, and needless to say, it was a fun viewing pleasure. We couldn’t even make it past the first scene, which was arguably our favorite!

With such a diverse cast of queer bodies and representations of sex, I eagerly look forward to Dolores Park Studios’ next film.

(get Brunch Bunch here)