Nipple Toys!

Perky, sensitive to the touch, and oh-so-tweakable; who doesn’t love nipples? The nipples of women and some men have been found to be neurologically connected to the genitals. Some of us can even get off on nipple stimulation alone! Its a pity these bits are rarely given all of the attention they deserve, especially on men. Here are some special treats just for those titty toppers. Remember, everyone feels differently about how they like their nipples touched, so go slow and ask questions.

Toys that Pinch

[mwi_product sku=”CLOVCLAMPS” desc=”false” title =”false” img_width=”100″ /]
Clips and clamps can range from playful to painful. They feel best when placed slowly at the very base of the nipple or on the surrounding areola. Avoid leaving them on for longer than 20 minutes at a time. And remember, the most intense sensation comes when the clamps are removed and the blood rushes back!

Our adjustable nipple clamps are versatile, easy to use, and come in three different styles. Start off easy and then increase the pressure as you grow comfortable with using them. Try pulling on or adding weights to the chain for extra fun.

Want an adjustable clamp with a little more style? Mandible clamps are great for medical fetish scenes or just for when you need a little bit more precision. You can even dress up your favorite femme with our Beaded Tweezer Clips.

If you love your adjustable clamps and crave more intensity, try out a pair of Clover Clamps. These bite down hard and do not adjust. If you want to be extra mean, put the chain in your “victim”‘s mouth or connect it to some bondage and tell them to stand up straight– these babies actually tighten when the chain is pulled!

Not ready to throw down your cash on some clips? No problem! Clothes pins work wonders. They come in bulk, so take advantage of their numbers. Branch out from the nipples and turn your buddy’s breasts into clothes pin flowers; carefully place them on labia, the skin pulled away from the underside of a penis, or a scrotum (never put a clamp on a testicle); bet your partner on how many you can place all over their body. Get creative and play safe!


 Toys that Suck

[mwi_product sku=”NIPBULB” desc=”false” title =”false” img_width=”100″ /]

Suction feels absolutely yummy on nipples. Our mouths are a great tool for this, but sometimes we want to have suction on our nipples and suction (or licking or kissing) elsewhere. This is why nipple suckers rule: hands (and mouths) free suction! Mini nipple suckers are adorable and unobtrusive without lacking in strength. For extra suction and staying power, you can’t go wrong with our classic suckers. With the Snake Bite Kit, you can keep those nips at attention and save your lover from deadly venom if the occasion arises. The Nipple Bulb makes nipples hard and then keeps ’em that way with tiny silicone rings. More serious players will rejoice in the fierce screw-style suction of the adjustable Falcon Nipple Suckers.

Other Sensations

Breast bondage makes nipples more sensitive by impairing blood flow. Tie your honey into a chest harness with some bondage rope and they’ll have heightened awareness of every little pinch orkiss you give them.

Vibration isn’t only for below the belt! Nipple vibration can be a thrill. Try it out by holding your favorite vibrator to your nipples or go hands-free with our vibrating nipple clamps.

Want to get real fancy? Dress things up with some pretty pasties.

Get those titties tingling with your favorite minty chapstick or up the anti with ice or Tiger Balm. Nipple Nibblers is a tingly fruit-flavored balm that make nipples taste delicious and stand at attention.

If you enjoy the sensations of flogging on your back and bottom, why not try it on your frontside? Our small rubber floggers are perfect for getting up close and personal with breasts and even genitals!  Sensations range from massage-like to stingy.