Do lubes have expiration dates?

A twitter friend just asked if lubes have expiration dates and I think it really needs a more than 140 character answer.. so here it is:

The short answer is some do and most don’t.

For water-based lubes, most can last at least a year or more.  To keep your lube as fresh as possible, we recommend keeping it in the bottle in came in and keeping it closed when you are not using it.

Liquid Silk and Maximus are the only water-based lubes that we carry that have printed “Best By” dates and right now (12/11) those dates are in the year 2016 so heaven forbid one 50ml bottle lasts you five years, it will still be ok to use.

The Swede flavored lube that we carry has the cosmetic industry symbol for how long you should keep the product once it is opened (see right). For that lube they suggest 12 months.

UPDATE: Slippery Stuff is good for two years

UPDATE: Sliquid lubes are good for 30 months from the date on the bottom of the bottle (see picture below)

Oil-based Lubes (which we only recommend for solo-penis action) can go rancid so if it smells off you might what to chuck it. It’s not gonna kill you, but it could leave a lingering off scent on your wang.

Silicone Lubes should be “good” for years. There really isn’t anything in those that can go bad.

All that said, I can’t find any other expiration dates on most of  our lubes, so I’m going contact the manufacturers and update this if I get more info.

The basic rule of thumb we have always used here (and that I use at home) is if it smells off or seems extra sticky, chuck it. Keep your lube out of the sun and away from heat to help it last the longest!