Live Sex Show

Live Sex Show, directed by Courtney Trouble, was filmed live in front of an audience of 200 horny people at last year’s Masturbate-a-Thon in San Francisco. It is so damn great that I don’t even know where to start.

Probably the most unique aspect of this film is the fact that it was filmed live in front of an audience. All of the actors seem so excited to be there and the audience definitely adds some really hot energy to the entire experience. In some of the scenes, like a very sweet and sensuous one with Jolene Parton and Peter Devries, you almost forget the audience is there because of how intimate it feels. Jolene and Peter are so wrapped up in one another, the audience just fades away. In other scenes, like the one with Jiz Lee and Nina Hartley, they completely break the fourth wall. Jiz and Nina are so comfortable and happy to be playing together that they include the audience in their often hilarious banter. Oh to be in that audience… The live filming is also fantastic. The action feels very raw and immediate, yet the camera work is still beautiful. The sex nerd in me loved getting to see things that are often cut out of porn like putting on gloves, condoms (looks like crown!), and lube (sliquid organics!) as well as pre-scene and in-scene negotiations.

The film starts out with a titillating strip tease and masturbation scene by Kimberly Cline in a crotchless body stocking and sexy glasses. I enjoyed the enthusiastic sounds from the audience, and how damn pleased with herself Kimberley looks when she’s done.

Next was Jolene and Peter’s scene. As I said earlier, they are clearly completely lost in one another. It seriously looks like a normal (yet very attractive) couple doin’ it, which is why its so sexy to watch. One of the problems I often have with cis-guys in porn is that they often look so stoic and self-possessed, but Peter allows his vulnerability to show and clearly enjoys it.

I had a harder time getting into the scene with April Flores and the Matador, which was surprising because I adore April Flores. It may have something to do with the Matador playing that stoic male porn star role that doesn’t get me all that excited. He was a bit better when he took the mask off (a black velour lucha libre mask!) so we could see how cute his face is. I get the hotness of anonymity, but it just didn’t work for me here. On the other hand, Ms. Flores was as dirty, hungry, and gorgeous as always.

Tina Horn and Roger Wood give an unbelievably hot D/s performance. In my opinion, this was the hottest scene in the film. It ranged from incredibly intense and erotic to laugh-out-loud hysterical. They were clearly having sooo much fun with one another. They have such a good time that they just keep going after their planned scene ends. Tina almost constantly has that look on her face of being completely overwhelmed by sensation and submission, yet totally happy and humorous at the same time. She has a super intense orgasm with tons of eye-gazing and begging and Roger works a strap-on cock like no one I’ve ever seen. I pretty much just want to live in this scene forever.

And then there is Nina Hartley with Jiz Lee. Totally epic. I’m trying to come up with some really clever metaphor to describe what its like for the hottest gender queer porn star today to have sex with the queen of porny sex ed herself… They are both so comfortable and adorable and smile the entire time. Its clear they are both honored to be working together. Lots of finger fucking goodness all to sexy, smart, and funny banter. I’d pay just to watch these two have a conversation… But I’d rather watch them fuck. This is seriously sexy stuff.

Oh and did I mention fisting? They show fisting! Fisting happens in lots of queer porn, but has always been edited out of DVDs to cater to the qualms of distributors. I actually cried a little bit watching this because fisting is such a beautiful, intimate, and intense activity that is so regularly censored. It made me so damn happy to see some wonderful people taking a stand for the visibility of queer sex. We are super excited to be carrying this film for this very reason.

The grand finale is an actor on director gang-bang. Given the hotness of this cast and of Courtney Trouble, I’ll let you imagine how amazing this is. Two words: BABE FEST. Get a copy for yourself and see what I mean.