Passing on the Motor Stroker Sleeve

So you may not know this about me, but I am half-obsessed with trying to find a GREAT affordable vibrating sleeve for penises. Something that should not be so hard to do. I mean, you can get an awesome vibe for $9, why is a great sleeve so hard?

So I found something that I thought might be good and sent it off to our tester Menfolk, but he gave it a big thumbs down.

This toy is simply poorly designed. It looks promising enough, but has several flaws which hold it back. The first thing I noticed was that it’s quite short. I’m average sized, but when I’ve pushed myself all the way through the sleeve, the entire head of my penis and then some are sticking out. This wouldn’t be a huge deal by itself. There are certainly successful small sleeves out there, but they all allow you to keep the sleeve near the head of the penis as you want to (I’m thinking of the Tenga Eggs). The fact that this toy is open ended and extremely tight means it very easily slips down whatever taper you have on your penis. It’s nigh-impossible to keep where you want it. It’s hard enough just keeping it from popping off entirely.

The bit of ribbing on the inside was a nice thought, but I couldn’t feel it. I would have appreciated more texture. I needed what felt like an absurd amount of lube to keep things going. I switched to Maximus because I thought the Slippery Stuff was just drying out, but I think it in fact was simply pushed out either end. This also quickly led to the outside of the toy becoming very lube-y and even harder to hold onto.

The vibe was so-so. I could feel it, but it didn’t wow me. The button was very hard to operate with lube going everywhere. The noise level was nice though.
After only two sessions the toy began to tear. I assume this is because of the too-tight design as well. This is in contrast to the supposedly single-use Tenga Egg I have that has lasted me at least half a dozen times so far without breaking.

And if I wasn’t sure from his review.. the answer to this question nailed the coffin shut..

Will you be using this again? Perhaps if I am desperate.

So sorry dick-owners! But don’t worry.. I’ll keep looking…