Strapping on for Pleasure

I recently fielded a question from a woman who was interested in strapping on a dildo for the first time and wanted to make sure she got a harness and dildo that would be as much a pleasure to wear as to receive, but was not interested in a double-ended dildo. Here’s what I had to say…


Pleasure while wearing a strap-on can take a wide variety of forms. For many, just the trill of providing pleasure to your partner is enough. But other seek to add a little more physical stimulation to thier “driving”. If you want vibration, then you can go with a harness with a pocket for a bullet vibe like our Vibe Harness. However, you can also get vibration if you use a dildo with a hole for a bullet vibe in the bottom like Buzz, Woody or Leo. Keep in mind that you can also manually use your favorite vibrator with any harness and dildo combo. Another great way to get some extra stimulation is by using a harness that leaves your good bits open for finger play. All of our harnesses can be worn in a jock or two-strap style which leaves your bits and butt exposed. On the other hand, some prefer the sensation of a thong style harness pressing and rubbing between the legs. If that sounds more your woody_vibestyle, the Commando Harness and the Pleasure Harness can be worn with either one or two straps. The final thing to consider in terms of stimulation is that some people get off simply on the base of the dildo pressing against their mons. Others find too much of that sort of pressure to be uncomfortable and prefer something with more padding, so think about what kind of back plate will feel the best to you.