Clitty Cat!

I’d like to introduce you to our newest vibrating silicone toy.. the Clitty Cat! Our faithful reviewer BeadFiddler took it for a spin and liked it enough for us to add it to our collection.

It is raspberry in color (we actually picked this up in the lighter purple color), with a stylized appearance and a pronounced “head”. It’s very bendy and has no odor or taste. The Clitty Cat has this fabulous little hooking curve that hits my g-spot just perfectly and the clit bit lines up very well with my clit. It has a handle that is comfortable and easy to hold, and the silicone is super flexible and great for thrusting against my g-spot. The vibrations hit my g-spot well and travel slightly through the silicone to my clit, though I’d prefer a separate clit bullet with greater power.

We can’t figure out if this is a vibrating dildo or a silicone vibrator, and we also think it could make a safe, fun butt toy as well, so whatever you want to call it, Clitty Cat is a unique, fun, safe toy for hitting your P or G spot!