Otto Vs. Bendy and what to wear them with!



I get a lot of questions about our popular Pack & Play toys Bendy and Otto. For one, people want to know what the difference is between the toys because they look very similar but vary greatly in price. Secondly, inquiring minds want to know which harness works best with these. Here are my suggestions…

On the surface, we have a hard time telling the difference between Otto and Bendy ourselves. They are both realistic, have balls, and an adjustable spine in the center that allows you to bend them down to pack or angle them for hitting all the right spots during play. Bendy’s spine is more difficult to move, so it may be sturdier and hold its position better during sex. Although Otto is very similar to Bendy and seems to function just as well, Otto’s thrift does show- its material has a few more imperfections and feels a little less sturdy.



I would recommend a harness like the Haka, Vibe, or Commando Harness. They all have O rings that can be adjusted for a great fit without getting in the way of the dildos’ balls. On the Haka and Vibe harnesses, the bases will be secured by the O ring in front of the back plate, and on the Commando it will just be braced against your body. This works better for these toys than something like the Jaguar harness that has a hole in the back plate, which would situate the balls between your body and the back plate.

Here are a list of questions we get about these toys a lot and the answers. Please contact us if your question is not answered here. Also, look down for a handy chart comparing the two.

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Q: Will Bendy/Otto work in the Rodeoh Harness (boxer or brief)


Q: Will Bendy/Otto work in the Packing Strap?

A: We do not recommend using these with a Packing Strap as they are heavier than the items that the Packing Strap was designed to be used with.

Q: Can I wear these all day to pack?

A: You can, but you will have a sort-of hard on effect and because of the rod it is not the most comfortable choice. We suggest checking out our Classic Packy or Sailor for a all-day packer

Q: How long will these toys last?

A: As we mention on the product pages, these toys are not long-term lovers. The rod can poke through the top or break and the material it is made of is not the highest quality. For a longer lasting Pack n’ Play toy check out Silky, or Goodfella

Q: What about the material it is made from. Is is safe to use internally?

A: Otto and Bendy are both listed by the makers as phthalate-free, however we urge the use of condoms with these because the material is porous and we cannot say for 100% certainty what the actual material components are. We strongly suggest that you consider a silicone option as silicone toys are much after for your body. 

Q: Why do you sell these toys if you do not love them?

A: We sell Otto and Bendy because we have a lot of customers who are really anxious to find a pack n’ play dildo and there are just so few options out there. We have been selling them for years and overall our customers have been happy with them, but we feel it is our responsibility to let you know all the possible problems with them. As soon as more affordable, safer, better options are on the market we’ll snap them up and phase out these toys when we have better substitutes.

Q: What other pack n’ play options do you have?

A: Other dildos that can be both packed with and used for penetration include: Porter (which has many of the same issues as these), Austin and Sawyer (which are 100% silicone) GoodFella (which is unique in a few ways and worth a look) and Silky (which is very pink and does not have balls)