Sending your Daughter off to college in a Sex Positive way!

first timers kitLately it seems we’ve had more and more moms in the shop getting items for their daughters that are in college or just heading out there. Talking to some of them, these moms feel like they partly want to offer their kids an alternative to just having random, less-than-satisfying hook up, and partly to make sure their daughters know enough about their own bodies to enjoy sex when they do have it. I say right on moms! (Interesting to note… I have never had a similar conversation with a dad sending his son off to college…hmmm).

Below I have selected what I think are some great items and resources for young adult women (and pretty much anyone who likes women or wants to be a very informed & fun person!)

First Timers Kit

I put together this kit because I wanted a simple, affordable way to introduce folks to vibrators in a fun, non-intimidating way. Here we have packaged two vibes, a sleeve, lube & batteries all in a tote-able vinyl case that can easily be slipped into your daughter’s bag before you send her off. I suggest a note that says something like “Enjoy yourself sweetie, and don’t worry, we never have to talk about this unless you want to!”

Tip of the Iceberg

This small, arty book does a great job of explaining female genitalia in an approachable, fun way. Cute enough that I bet she’ll leave it out and help educate her peers.

I Heart Female Orgasm

I recommend this book for anyone who is female-bodied or plans on ever having sex with someone who is. Chock full of excellent info, this is easy to understand and is very sex & queer-positive. We LOVE this book at Early to Bed


Believe it or not, even though most colleges I know have condoms handy, they seem to either offer no lube or only some that is not terribly female-body friendly.  If you are bold, sending your kid off with a bottle of good, water-based lube can make them very happy, and you can let them know that using some with condoms can help reduce the risk of them tearing. You don’t even have to mention how fun lube can be for solo-pleasure and hand jobs… they will probably figure that out on their own.