Upcoming LGBT Events at Chicago History Museum

Out at CHM has been exploring and celebrating the history of queer people in Chicago for eight years now. Check out the Chicago History Museum’s LGBT programming for the new year. First on the calendar is cocktails and a panel discussion on the many words we use to identify ourselves and our sexualities…

Sexicon: Language and Identity

Thursday, January 27; Cocktails at 5:30 p.m. event at 6:30 p.m.

The words we use to identify ourselves can be powerful and fun but they can also stereotype or label us.  Within the LGBT community, the words are as diverse as the people they represent.  Many words have strong historic roots, some have been re-claimed, and new ones are created every day.  Individuals of diverse backgrounds including Chuck Renslow, Tommy Walton, Christina Kharl, Emilia Chico, and Kim Hunt, will take the stage and provide a personal insight into the word that defines an aspect of who they are.  This lively evening includes audience participation and is led by scholar, Erica Meiners.

$12, $10 members and students

These events are sure to be informational, social, and fun! Get your tickets here.