Ben Wa Balls

Recently I have been getting quite a few questions about Ben Wa balls and here is how I have been answering them:

What are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa balls are small balls, usually made of metal that are meant to be inserted into a woman’s vagina. They have been around for a really long time and have a cultural association with ancient sex practices. Some folks think that wearing them inside your vagina while having intercourse leads to increased sensations. Or it is suggested that you can just put them inside, sit in a rocking chair and have a grand old time.

I have head they are amazing, are they?

Well, I have never spoken to anyone who has tried them and thinks that. When I dutifully experimented with them I felt NOTHING (they are really quite small) and had quite a time getting them out again. There really aren’t a lot of nerve endings up inside the vagina, so most wearers don’t report much sensation. Now that said, they can be used to help with Kegal exercises (walking around and keeping them inside will force you to use your PC muscles), but as a pleasure device, I’m not recommending them.

Do you sell them?

Nope. We actually did for a time only because SO many people asked about them and there is really nothing wrong with them, there just isn’t a whole lot right about them. If you are looking for a kind of internal sensation that is non-vibrating, check out our weighted balls that are fun and also designed for helping with your Kegals:

Smart Balls

Teneo Uno


And don’t forget, we love questions so keep ’em coming!