You are asking: What goes well with the SpareParts Harness?

I spend a good part of my days here at Early to Bed headquarters (i.e. my pink office in the back room of the shop) answeringg folks questions about sex toys via email and phone. The most common questions that I get are about Harnesses and Dildos and what goes well with what. And a lot of those questions are specifically about what works with the well-loved and fantastically comfortable SpareParts Harness (my personal fav). So today I bring you my…

Top Picks for Dildos that Work Great With the SpareParts Harness

First, as always, I must mention that it is impossible for us to pick out the “best” toy or the one that is “guaranteed” top work for you. Each body is different, each person is different, so the best I can do is tell you from my/our experience what has worked well. If any of you reading this have thoughts or suggestions, speak up! We’d love to hear what you have to say!

That said, when choosing a cock for your SpareParts harness, you have a wide range of choices, almost anything goes. Mainly you are limited by the hole which only stretches to about 2″ . We find that getting a dildo in that has a width of more than 1.75″ inches can be a challenge, but it can be done (get the tip in and then slowly, gently but firmly pull the dildo through from the front). Dildos with balls and flat bases work well and the double dildos that we carry work very nicely with it too. Below you’ll find the toys that not only fit the SpareParts harness well but that are of a size and shape that seem to appeal to a wide audience.

Billie is a perennial favorite here.. has been since we opened! Small and gently curved.

The Mistress is narrow and long pretty flexible. Another crowd pleaser!




 Personally, I am a big fan of combining the Nexus with my SpareParts. Yum.


For those looking for a silicone dildo that has a somewhat softer feel to it, we recommend the Austin




If you are on a budget, the Bullseye dildo is a 100% silicone toy that has a bit of a firmer quality to it.

If you want to add a buzz to your play, Echo has a little vibe that fits inside for everyone’s pleasure.


If life-like is your bag  Bandit & Tex are perfectly sized for the SpareParts and Lonestar will fit, with a little effort. But Outlaw? Forget about it. That sucker is too damn big!

And yes, the SpareParts is also pretty great with our packing options. esp. because it is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

So I hope this info helps. As always, we are more than happy to answer your questions about sex toys (or anything else you want to ask).