Don’t numb your ass, please!

While leafing through a trade magazine today, there was a big ad from a major mainstream sex toy manufacturer listing their top 20 best sellers in eight different categories. I wasn’t surprised by most of the top-sellers, but I was so SAD when I saw that Throat-Numbing Spray and Ass-Numbing Cream were the top TWO best sellers in their “cosmetics” category, beating out lube by a few places.

If you follow us or read this blog, you have probably heard us say time and time again, that numbing your body is not safe, but let me just say it one more time (since obviously TONS of people buy this crap) NUMBING YOUR ASS IS NOT SAFE! (and your gag reflex is there for a reason people!).

Here is our official stance on these products:
We believe that we have sex in order to experience sex, which means feeling it. Anal sex should not hurt (it should feel awesome!) and if it does you need to know so you can ask your partner to slow down and add some more lube (really you can’t have too much). If you can’t feel what’s going on you can end up really damaging yourself- its delicate back there! (for more tips on safer anal sex, check here)

Similar thing for the throat-numbing spray. Why do you want to do something (like deep throat) if it doesn’t feel good to you? Does your partner really want you to numb yourself for his pleasure? Deep throating is pretty over-hyped anyway. For the same effect, wrap your hand around the base of his penis and use it like an extension of your mouth. If the idea of taking your man’s cock all the way down really turns you on, try practicing with a soft slightly curved dildo.
Play safe people and have FUN!