So you wanna give good head?

Tonight we are offering our popular Men Below the Belt workshop, but I know many people with an interest in the subject can’t make it in for a workshop so I thought I’d make a list of some of the great blowjob resources that we have at ETB! And remember, enthusiasm goes a long way…


Tickle His Pickle : A fun, quick read with a lot of great tips, geared toward women

The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: A bit more serious, this is a comprehensive guide for anyone

Blow Him Away: The title pretty much says it all…


I always love Nina Hartley and her DVD Nina’s Guide to Better Fellatio may look a little dated, but blowjobs haven’t changed much!

And for a super comprehensive and hot DVD Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Fellatio is a great choice.

Have fun!