From the Mailbag: His Penis is too big!

So, I got a question from a client today asking what to do because her new boyfriend’s penis is much bigger than she is used to and intercourse has been Unberlubepainful. I know she is not the only women out there who has experienced that so I thought I’d post the bulk of my answer here. If any of you brilliant readers have other suggestions on how to make penetration more comfortable in this situation, let us know! Sex shouldn’t hurt (unless you ant it to!)!

Here are some suggestions:

 Use lube and lots of it! Even if you get naturally wet, more lube is going help slip him inside you a bit easier. I suggest Liquid Silk, Sliquid H2o or Uberlube silicone lube.

Warm up. Don’t go right for intercourse. Make sure you are super relaxed before you even go there. Perhaps he’d be kind enough to go down on you for a bit and for sure have him use his fingers inside of you. This will help you relax and open up for his cock.

Try a Toy. If you want to “practice” on your own, get a vibe or dildo that is a bit bigger then you are used to and using plenty of lube, spend some time with this toy on your own so you can get used to the feeling. We even have a dilator that can help you get used to bigger sizes gradually.

Also, you’ll probably find that now you have experienced pain that your body may come to expect it. Then of course, you may have more pain because you are tensing up. That is why taking it sloooooow and being very relaxed is going to be super important.